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The PVC forming system

Our stay-in-place formwork made of synthetic material is a newly patented system which becomes a ferroconcrete construction when finished.

Construction and statics:
From the high stability and the delicate spatial bracing of the synthetic elements emerges a very pressure-resistant and rigid building component out of ferroconcrete.
The high flexural rigidity of the mantle also grants to withstand moments, for example earth pressure. Therefore, a high protection against earthquakes is given too.

The main loading of the wall comes from the act of filling the tank when ring tractions arise. The general load-bearing behavior of the system with the bar steel reinforcement is comparable with the load-bearing behavior of a wall construction out of finished parts and tendons.

That’s why the distance of the horizontal implemented bar steels can be bigger than 35cm. The requirements from DIN 1045 – 1:13.7.1 (7) for ferroconcrete walls have not to be observed.

Using our system reaches a complete separation of contracting function and protecting function. The synthetic formwork becomes a part of the building and as a consequence the whole construction consists of three mantles in one wall: both of the synthetic mantles and the ferroconcrete wall between them.
The synthetic mantels alone guarantee tightness, corrosion-resistance, chemical resistance and the other before mentioned protection features.
The ferroconcrete construction is only responsible for the contracting function.
With the bilateral protection of the ferroconcrete construction from the synthetic mantles it’s not necessary to follow the restriction for crack width.
Nevertheless, the ferroconcrete core remains without cracks for the most part because it can’t dry out.

The walls of the tanks are built with a single-ply horizontal reinforcement with a diameter up to 16mm. A static connection between base plate and wall doesn’t exist. The joint between base plate and wall is sealed with a waterstop of general technical approval.

By the new system tanks with sophisticated technology and highest demands arise.