Rely on the proven tank construction system from FormProtect

For many years we have been offering a clever solution for creating round structures made of reinforced concrete. The FormProtect tank construction system was created in the search for special solutions to protect concrete from aggressive influences in agricultural biogas plants.

The FormProtect system is particularly suitable for the construction of reinforced concrete round tanks in the biogas sector (pre-pits, fermenters, post-digesters, barn storage) and in agriculture (liquid manure tanks, swimming pools for horses, etc.). Special areas of application are containers in water and wastewater supply. But other structures in round or rounded shape can also be built with it.

The double-walled construction made of PVC panels protects the concrete particularly well against negative influences both inside and outside. An additional coating, insulation and impregnation is not necessary as all elements are already integrated. The system is gastight, watertight and acid-resistant. The outer wall does not need to be insulated, clad or painted. Insulation can also be built into the formwork before concreting.

The result is a reinforced concrete tank with a FormProtect system

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